Leader of the Internet Pharmaceutical Services Industry
      Ysbang.cn connects pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmacies, shop assistants and consumers, builds up a B2B service platform which shares symmetry of information, transparency of services and efficiency of operation. Meantime, it provides value-added services and information integration depended on each segment.
      It is the leader in the industry of pharmaceutical circulation. Starting from drug trading, it has entered the integrated supply chain and information services in depth. It serves both the drugstores and pharmaceutical enterprises, pays much attention to the value-adding of B2B transactions. The Pharmaceutical Retailing industry is promising and expected to develop rapidly in the near future.
YSB Procurement: Professional, efficient and discounted pharmacy offering platform
YSB Education:Pre-examination training & post-college for licensed pharmacists
YSB Knowledge: Searching and reading of diseases & drugs
YSB Recruitment:  Focus on career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry