Robot Phoenix
Leader of the Parallel Robot Industry in China
      Robot Phoenix places the headquarter in Jinan, Shandong Province, and has branches in Silicon Valley, Shenzhen and Shanghai. As a top domestic manufacturer of parallel robots, Robot Phoenix involves in the manufacturing and services in many fields such as industrial robots R&D and manufacturing, automation system integration, visual system development and etc. 
      The performance of the Robot Phoenix products has reached the international leading level and is significantly superior to its domestic competitors: 
      The working efficiency of delta robot in practice is no less than the best robot worldwide such as ABB, Adept and Fanuc, or even better in some application cases.
      The company developed independently and mastered the leading motion control technology and machine vision technology, holding a high technical threshold. In comparison, other domestic competitors such as QKM Technology and Gowell Robot mainly purchase for the technology instead.
      Attracted top customers in several industries: Lens Technology in the 3C industry; Unilever in the Daily Chemicals industry, DEEJ in the Food Industry