Merit Interactive
Domestic Leader of Mobile App Message Pushing Services
      Merit Interactive is an independent intelligent big data service provider, committed to using data to drive the future development of the industry. Its main business includes providing developer services, precise marketing services and big data services in various vertical areas.
      Merit Interactive provides the best pushing services in Android market, whose services are of high concurrency, high throughput, “assurance mutuelle” and network effect. It reaches 90% of users in Android market, and legally collects data of APP using habits. Meanwhile, it uses WIFI fingerprints to help orientation. It is difficult for other third-party enterprises to collect more data than the company’s size except for BAT manufacturers.
      At present, Merit Interactive is estimated at 4.5 billion yuan and at the stage of premarket approval. As of July 2016, it has nearly 1 billion independent mobile end users and 3.5 billion daily- distributed messages.