111 Inc. 

China Internet Pharmaceutical Health Leading Enterprise (Listed on the Nasdaq)

Stock code:YI


     111 Group, the parent company of 111 Inc., is committed to using the Internet pattern and thinking mode to change the current situation of “difficult to see a doctor and expensive to buy medicines” in China. The group provides online diagnosis and therapy, medicine sales and health management services by using innovative Internet technology, thus reduces the number of segments and optimize the supply chain. 111 Group gives Chinese patients access to complete, affordable and convenient medical treatment.


       Through innovative B2B2C model, 111 can fully realize the integrated development of B-terminal and C-terminal, online and offline, self-operated and agent sales and doctors and medicine. The group may build the largest technology-driven online and offline medical health platform in China, thus enable the transaction among doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical enterprises and drug distributors. It is one of the few unicorns in the Internet Pharmaceutical Services industry.
       Stimulated by various reforms and good policies such as the dual invoices regime and free-plus drug policy, online medicine in China has great future potential under the rapid growth of the Internet. Furthermore, the widespread mobile Internet and the aging population also create opportunities for mobile health care.